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Scotle IR360 PRO BGA Rework Station Cannot Connected with Computer?

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Two steps for resolving  Scotle IR360 PRO BGA rework station cannot be connected with computer?

Step1: Open the cover of the PC410 with red frame.


controller scotle ir360 pro V3 controller

Step 2: Keep the machine power on, use multi-meter to test DC power of the foot 9(blue cable), and foot 10(green cable), normally, if the dc power value is about 8v, we can say the pc410 controller is no problem. If so, go step 3.

Step 3:  Keep the machine power off,  check the connectivity of the three cables(foot 8, foot 9, foot 10) of PC410 with the three cables of COM port (foot 2, 3, 5). Which one is disconnected, check whether it is loosen, if yes, fasten it. If not, replace it.

Kind remind, the three couples of cables should be tested in the same color(red to red, blue to blue, green to green)

scotle ir-pro-sc cable scotle ir360 cable