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Scotle-522 Lcd Laminating Machine Vacuum Lamination for iPhone Repair Machine

Buy Scotle-522 Lcd Laminating Machine Vacuum Lamination for iPhone Repair Machine from reliable Manufacturer-Scotle

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Our LCD repair machine inclued LCD separator machine, vacuum OCA laminator machinebubble remover machine and frame laminator machineglue loca remover machine .

This Scotle-522 Lcd Laminating Machine Vacuum Lamination for iPhone Repair Machine works with a vacuum pump and an air compressor

Matters before Operation:

1) Please confirm in the LCD screen glass cover plate to be pressed and whether it is normal

2) Please confirm the silicone pad if there are other foreign body, so as not to damage the LCD

3) To confirm the normal, boot device.

4) After the device is started, please confirm whether it is normal for each sensor, an operation panel and a vacuum standard is normal display, whether there is abnormal sound in the operation of process equipment.

5) In case of emergency process equipment in operation, please press the emergency stop button.

 Matters in Operation:

1) During the manual mode, will not put his hand into the interior of the machine.

2) Other buttons or switches do not press and the emergency stop outside.

 Matters after Operation:

1) Please cut off the power supply.

2) Close air compressor, unplug the equipment general source



1. We have 220V and 110V item on sale, please tell us what kind of item do you need, or we will send the item out according to your own countrys voltage.

2. Only including the item we express in PACKAGE CONTENTS, the LCD screen is not included in this package.

3. If you need the Demo video, please contact us.

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Got CE approved.
From reliable & trustable profesional and reliable
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Company Information


Scotle is located in Shenzhen, China. 

Our factory owns 2 brands , scotle and achi. 
We has 7 years experiences in manufacturing and exporting BGA rework stations. 
Our BGA rework stations , such as scotle hr460, scotle ir 6000, scotle ir pro sc, scotle ir360 pro, scotle sv550c, achi ir 12000, achi ir pro sc, achi ir6500 are hot sale in the world, especially in these countries from North and South American,European and Asian.


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ChinaCNCzone Team

Professional Scotle IR PRO SC SMT Rework Equipment

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We want you to be our overseas distributors / agents !

- External dimensions: 38 (W.) X 34 (D.) X 37 (H.) Cm
- Net weight: 28kg
- Supply voltage: 220-240VAC
- Power: 400W
- Lowering speed of the heating plate: yes
- Adjust the pressure force on the LCD: yes
- Temperature control: 0-99C
- Air pressure: 0,4-0,6MPa
- Vacuum: -94-98kPa
- Emphasis on the heating plate LCD control 0,5-9kg / cm2
- Air flow: 1L / min
- The size of the heating plate: 24x21cm (LCD up to 12 ")
- The size of the sponge on a metal tray: 23,5x20,5cm

This Scotle-522 Lcd Laminating Machine Vacuum Lamination for iPhone Repair Machine is used to assemble Apple, Samsung, Millet, HTC .

The intelligent mobile phone explosion screen repair, and this item will be your excellent assistant in your future mobile phone repairing, this is your best repairing partner.

Package contains:
- LCD laminator
- User manual
- Power cord
- Pressure lines 8 and 12mm
- Metal tray with a sponge under the LCD display