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Hot Air Rework Station v.s Infrared BGA Rework Stations?

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Hot air rework station actually can be divided in to hot air BGA rework station and hot air soldeting stations. The

hot air rework station they say in this editorial is hot air BGA rework station.
How to class a BGA rework station (a hot air or infrared bga rework station ) is depending on the top heating heater. If the top heating heater makes use of hot air, they say it is hot air bga rework station such as scotle-hr6000 and HT-R390, ZM-R5860C, Scotle HR460. If top heater makes use of infrared expertise, they say it is infrared BGA rework station, such as ACHI IR-PRO-SC,ACHI IR6000, T870a, Scotle-IR360 PRO.
But what other the differences between them?
Infrared expertise are total new, and it comes in to market in recent years and it is taking increasingly promotion share.Because hot air bga rework stations some times may give uneven heat, and may cause surrounding parts shift or PCB deformation, technicians find another solution for it, that is using infrared expertise.
If customers require to ask which bga rework station is better? Infrared Stationsor hot air bga rework station? This is hard to answer. Hot air ones is traditional, and they already be used for over0 years in the market, and now it is take massive market share.
Infrared BGA Rework Stations use infrared ceramic heating plate, they give even heating without cause shift of other surrounding parts, but the infrared ceramic plate is with fixed size, sometimes you require to make use of high temperature tape to cover the surrounding area of the BGA chip. Actually, when use hot air bga rework station , it may come across same issue.
Usually speaking, hot air bga rework station is more comlicated than Infrared BGA rework station in structure and the cost is a tiny higher, . Because there’s plenty of cables in top hot air heater and with built-in cooling fan method. However hot air BGA rework stations are used with different hot air nozzles and these air nozzles can get replaced for different sizes of BGA chips and can be rotated in 360 degree which very simple for alignment with bga chips.