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BGA Rework Stations Comparisons

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In this article , we will compare between various BGA rework stations. In the BGA rework area, hot air heating,  SMD rework and infrared heating are the most normal repairing technique, so, what is the differences between them? We will read in this article the major differences . Which one is suitable for you?
Infrared Rework Stations have become very popular in the reworking field. Many small rework stations are designed with infrared heating, owing to the advantage that infrared heating has no air flow. We do not need to be afraid of blowing away small ICs on the board when we are reworking. On the other hand, infrared heating can do even heating, which makes the stuff warm with average heat.
The the shortcoming is that the temperature of infrared rework stations ups slowly in the beginning , and when the temperature is up to a specify point, it will be hard to control, on the other hand, after you finish rework, you have to wait for a while for the temperature cool down.
About the hot air rework station:
For the hot air gunheating, the temperature of hot air can change easily, but it is hart to adjust too, thus, users should choose a high quality hot air rework station with nice controller and can do excellent air flow.
Some hot air guns are with rotating air flow, the flow is average because of the design of the air nozzles. Hot air solder station  have an other advantage that hot air have a pressure can make the chips or IC more closely to the PCB.
But then it has a flip side also , the chips or IC may be popcorn because of not technical control of the temperature, or the ICs can be blown away by the strong air flow, so , hot air guns are suited for the ever technical rework masters.
Now the most hot selling infrared BGA rework stations are: Scotle  IR6000,  ACHI IR6000,  Scotle IR-PRO-SC, ACHI IR-PRO-SC.
According to our experience ,we suggest infrared bga rework stations .
The price ranges from difference demand of user, generally speaking, hot air guns are cheaper but suits for technical workers, infrared rework stations and hot air infrared rework stations are suit for the one who just star learning how to solder.
BGA rework just is a way of learning that never end, we may failed when we solder but we get experience from them, hope I can also get some tips from you.
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